Limoncello Gift Bundle

Limoncello Gift Bundle

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Our Limoncello Cupcake comes in a beautiful variety and we've made it easy to have and gift them all with our Limoncello Gift Bundle. With one Limoncello Cupcake 18 oz 4 wick in a specialty box, one Limoncello Reed Stick Diffuser and a Summer set of 3 3.5 oz candle including Limoncello Cupcake, Lily of the Valley and Fresh Georgia Peach your sure to find a new way to scent your home.

Limoncello Cupcake

Fresh lemon peel, candied lemon and sparkling sugar are folded into creamy vanilla cupcake topped with citrus sugar.

Fragrance Notes: Limoncello, Sicilian Lemons, Candied Lemons,
Sparkling Sugar, Creamy Vanilla, French Butter
Top: Candied Lemon, Effervescent Lime, Sparking Sugar
Middle: Limoncello, Coconut Milk, Butter, Juniper
Bottom: Vanilla, Cupcake, Musk


Limoncello Cupcake 18 oz 4 wick with Specialty Box

  • One 18-oz candle
  • Four wicks
  • Burn time 30 to 55 hours
  • Plaid glass vessel with gift box
  • Each measures 5” x 4.25”

Limoncello Reed Stick Diffuser

  • 1 4-fl oz glass bottle 
  • 8 reed sticks
  • Reed sticks each measure 8"H
  • Frosted monogrammed logo 
  • Beautifully designed packaging for the perfect gift
  • Silvertone cap

Summer Gift Set

  • Three 3.5 oz candle
  • One wick
  • Burn time 25-35 hours
  • Amber colored glass vessel; metal lid with Harry's personal monogram 
  • Each measures 3.74” x 3.15”

Lily of the Valley

Romantic Lily of the valley is paired with the dewiness of hyacinth, jasmine and green leaves for this classic floral scent.
Fragrance Notes: Lily of the Valley, Hyacinth, Jasmine, Spring Green Leaves

Fresh Georgia Peach

Lucious ripe Georgia peach blends with sweet and succulent nectarine, juicy orange, and golden nectar for a luscious fruity fragrance.
Fragrance Notes: Georgia Peach, Sweet Nectarine, Juicy Orange, Golden Nectar

For the initial burn, simply allow the lighted flame to burn the excess wick to the perfect height. Our self-trimming wicks guarantee an even burn each time. No need to trim the wicks, unless it is a personal preference.

Candle Care: Burn within sight. Keep away from things that can catch fire. Keep out of the reach of children and pets. Container may be hot when the candle is lit. Keep all objects such as matches and wick trimmings clean from wax. Do not burn candle for more than 3-4 hours at a time. Allow wax to cool and harden before moving candle to prevent wick shifting. Discontinue burning once unmelted wax reaches ¼ inch.

The "King" of Home Fragrance

Harry Slatkin

HomeWorx was founded by Harry Slatkin, a talented expert in the industry and deemed the "King of Home Fragrance" by The New York Times. HomeWorx was created to bring a luxury experience into your home. All candles burn clean with lead-free cotton wicks & natural wax blends.

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