Winter Fireside Bundle

Winter Fireside Bundle

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Relax in the warm embrace of our Winter Fireside Bundle, a captivating blend of Sultry Incense, Smoked Firewood, Rich Clove Buds, and Mulled Spices. This curated bundle is designed to transport you to a cozy fireside setting, making it the perfect choice for a snug atmosphere on a chilly evening.

Bundle Includes:

  • 18-Ounce 4-Wick Candle: Our 18-ounce 4-wick candle provides a substantial scent output of the Winter Fireside fragrance. The four wicks ensure even burning and a generous distribution of the scent, filling your space with its inviting warmth.
  • Matching Reed Diffuser: Enjoy a subtle and continuous diffusion of the Winter Fireside fragrance with our matching reed diffuser. Perfect for smaller spaces or for when you want a more subdued ambiance.


Save When You Purchase Together: Take advantage of cost savings when you purchase this bundle, giving you the opportunity to immerse your home in the comfort of Winter Fireside at a special price.

The "King" of Home Fragrance

Harry Slatkin

HomeWorx was founded by Harry Slatkin, a talented expert in the industry and deemed the "King of Home Fragrance" by The New York Times. HomeWorx was created to bring a luxury experience into your home. All candles burn clean with lead-free cotton wicks & natural wax blends.

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