Fruity Candles

Venture into an oasis where the freshness of nature’s fruit is perfectly captured within HomeWorx Fruity Candles. Each fragrance has been meticulously crafted by the world’s greatest perfumers using the greatest essential oils and ingredients sourced from around the world.  HomeWorx fruit scented candles consistently deliver a succulent and juicy experience. Our fruits are inspired by farmers’ markets with freshly picked citrus, orchard fruits, farmstand berries and tropical fruits from around the globe. Each fruity fragrance quenches the desire for a refreshing and pleasing sensory experience. 

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A fruit scented candle is inspired by the world's freshest and juiciest fruits. With HomeWorx fruity fragrances, you will escape to tropical paradise, visit your local farmer's market or take a trip to the orchard for apple picking. No one does fruit scented candles better than HomeWorx!

Fruity scented candles smell like a variety of different fruits. Our master perfumers create fruit fragrances inspired by fresh apples, ripe bananas and melons, citrus fruits like oranges & lemons, and tropical fruits like pineapples and lychees. You can experience the joy of so many different fruit scented candles with HomeWorx.

Fruit candles are created with true-to-life essential oils that replicate your favorite fruits from around the world. Experience HomeWorx fruit candles and you will be shocked at how authentic the fruit fragrances are!