Experience “True To Life” flame free fragrances 24 hours a day with our scented reed diffusers & plug-in diffusers. Perfect for smaller spaces or every corner of your home. Our diffuser items are safe to use around pets & are masterfully crafted with essential oils. Experience effortless aromatic joy everyday!

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HomeWorx Reed Diffusers are best in smaller, more intimate spaces throughout your home. Place in powder rooms, closets, laundry rooms or small entryways for a flame-free around the clock fragrance.

Harry Slatkin always suggests "layering" your home fragrance for an undeniable scent experience. Pair a reed diffuser with a HomeWorx scented candle in the same room & you will surely enjoy.

The reed diffuser sticks absorb the oil which then travels up the sticks to release the scent. Reed Diffusers are a great alternative to candles if you don't want to worry about any flames.

Reed Diffusers are flameless, delivering an around-the-clock and uninterrupted fragrance experience.

To maximize the scent output & life of your HomeWorx Reed Diffuser, make sure you flip your reed diffuser sticks every few days. This allows the oil to continue being absorbed through the sticks for a better fragrance experience.

To reduce the scent output in smaller spaces, remove a few reed sticks from your diffuser. The fragrance will not be as strong, but your oil will last longer.

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A few tips to remember:

Keep the diffuser bottle upright during set-up to prevent leakage.

After inserting the fragrance bottle, make sure the upper cover clicks into the lower part of the unit.

Be sure to plug in the device with the vented top cover facing the ceiling to avoid leaking.

Place the diffuser & device in every corner of your home but remember to leave 20 inches of space on top.

Yes, Homeworx reed-stick diffusers and plug-in diffusers are cruelty free and made with essential oils that are safe for pets.

Remember to keep out of reach from children.