How to Repurpose your HomeWorx Candle Vessel

Did you know that all of our HomeWorx candle vessels are reusable? 

Here's a fun way to repurpose your HomeWorx candle vessel into a gorgeous planter in 4 easy steps.

Step 1: Place your finished candle into the freezer for a few hours. Let it harden and scoop out the wick clips and any remaining wax. 

Reusable Vessel


Step 2: Remove the photo wrap if you wish.

Reusable vessel


Step 3: Wash and wipe clean the candle vessel.

Reusable vessel


Step 4: Add stones at the bottom to help with drainage. Then, add your soil and your plant.

Reusable vessel


Step 5: Water your plant and applaud yourself for being sustainable!

Reusable vessel


This is just one way to repurpose your HomeWorx candle vessel. 

So tell us, how will you repurpose your HomeWorx candle vessel?