The London Gardens

Inspired by Harrys love of gardens in London, specifically Kensington, Hyde Park, and Chelsea. Each garden has its own signature scent and color which Harry has been able to capture within this collection. The fragrances tell a beautiful story of the experience walking through each magnificent English garden.

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kensington pink petals

Kensington Garden is a beautiful combination of royal pink petals that captures the sweetness of spring blossoms with notes of pink jasmine, rose, and the venus orchid.

Hyde Park Lilac

Hyde Park Lilac celebrates the color purple with Mountain Lilac flowers grown in the actual garden, vibrant day lilies and deep violet leaves.

Chelsea Green Ivy

Chelsea Green Ivy is a refreshing verdant combination of green fig, crisp garden mint, vinca and jade moss.

A fragrance journey
The fragrances can be burned on their own for a spring experience or combined together to create a beautiful floral bouquet.