How to Set Up your HomeWorx Plug-In

A great way to incorporate fragrance throughout your home is by adding a HomeWorx Plug-In to hallways, entryways, and corners. 

Here's a quick step-by-step guide on how to set up your HomeWorx Plug-In!

Step 1:  Press down on the side buttons and pull the cartridge apart.


Step 2: Choose your fragrance and create a scent journey in your home.

Fresh Cotton Clouds

Step 3: Twist the cap off and insert the plug-in oil. You will hear a 'click' once it's in.

Plug-in Oil

Step 4: Slide the cover back on. 


Step 5: Make sure the HomeWorx logo is at the bottom of the cartridge, beneath the window so that you don't spill any oil. And that's it! Your HomeWorx Plug-In is ready to use!

HomeWorx Plug-In

HomeWorx Plug-In Oil and refills are exclusively available at QVC.